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Brooklyn, United States - October 6, 2017 /PressCable/ —

The funeral directors of Sampson Funeral Service, Inc. know that deciding between interment and cremation for dealing with a loved one’s physical remains can be hard for some families. They are available to help the families of Fort Greene, NY with this important choice by offering them necessary information, guidance and compassion. Burial is the dominant method of final disposition in this country, but cremation has seen a tremendous growth in popularity in the United States in recent times. The Catholic Church renounced its ban on the process in 1963 and began allowing cremated remains to be displayed at funeral masses in 1997, where they are treated no differently from casketed remains. Because of this, many more Christians are choosing this means of handling human bodies after a passing. There is more information about cremation services, interment, funeral pre planning and mortuary shipping available at

Conducting a cremation reduces a corpse to gases, ashes and mineral fragments that resemble dry bone. Most frequently, this is accomplished by subjecting the physical remains to extreme flames. Oftentimes, the loved one instructed his or her family on the way that they wanted their body cared for. For families, cremation does not limit the ways in which they can pay tribute to the deceased’s life. On the contrary, it makes even more options available to them, especially when choosing the final resting place of their loved one.

With casketed remains, a family basically has two choices for the final disposition- they can bury them in the earth or have them stored above ground in a mausoleum. When working with cremated remains, families can arrange for a scattering ceremony to take place in the air, on land or at sea. They can inter the cremains in the family plot, retain them in their place of residence, share them among geographically distant family members using mini urns, inurn them in a columbarium niche, suspend a part of them in keepsake jewelry or pieces of solid glass sculpture, have them turned into a unique certified diamond, place them in fireworks and ignite, incorporate them into an artificial reef ball or send them to the stars on a celestial flight. And these are just some of the choices that lay before a family in terms of a finding a fitting and meaningful final place of rest for their departed.

Additionally, a family may hold a memorial service that occurs following the cremation itself and on the date and in the place that they choose. Memorial gatherings give families a lot more time than funerals for planning the ceremony. Not only are families better able to accommodate the various schedules of their guests, but those they invite to the service that are coming from far away have time to find less expensive travel arrangements and lodgings than those available within the first few days after the death. Casketed remains are not present at memorial ceremonies; families often display the urn containing the loved one’s ashes instead.

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