UAE airline Etihad announces loss of $1.87B in 2016

Jul 27, 2017

United Arab Emirates flag carrier Etihad says it lost $1.87 billion in 2016

Cairo upset over latest US travel warning to Egypt

Jul 20, 2017

Egypt upset over latest US travel warning, says it makes false distinction between terrorists, violent political groups

AP PHOTOS: Father's museum honors son killed in Turkey coup

Jul 14, 2017

AP PHOTOS: Father's museum honors son killed in Turkey coup

Qatar Airways joins Gulf carriers off US laptop ban list

Jul 6, 2017

Qatar Airways has joined two other major long-haul carriers in the Gulf in getting off a U.S. laptop ban list

Egypt moves bed, chariot of King Tut to new museum

May 23, 2017

Egypt has safely transported two unique items, a funerary bed and a chariot belonging to the famed pharaoh King Tutankhamun from a museum in central Cairo to a new one on the other side of the city

Turkey: Man detained on US plane just wanted 1st class seat

May 21, 2017

Turkey's official news agency says the FBI has detained a Turkish man who attempted to sit in first class on a Los Angeles-Honolulu flight

Young or old, Saudi women live under male relatives' control

May 19, 2017

'I need his permission for everything': Three generations of Saudi women living under the control of their fathers, husbands and even sons

16 Ukrainian tourists injured in accident in Turkey

May 18, 2017

Turkish officials say 16 Ukrainian tourists have been injured in a traffic accident in western Turkey.

Tour bus tips over in Turkey, killing at least 24 people

May 13, 2017

Turkish authorities say at least 24 people have died and 11 others are in critical condition after a tour bus tipped over.

Historic tomb moved to make way for dam in Turkey

May 12, 2017

An enormous tomb has been moved to make way for a hydroelectric dam on the Tigris river in Turkey's southeast.

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